Paper Catalogue vs iCircleApp

We are realistics. Let’s confront which differences are between traditional paper catalogue and iCircleApp.
We analyzed every step, from catalogue conception, to how to use it.


catalogo cartaceo

Paper Catalogue

iCircleApp catalogo digitale

iCircleApp Digital Catalogue



Grafic Designer for:

  • proof copy
  • enter contents
  • revision, finished layout

catalogo cartaceo ufficio

Number of working hours: 24/40

Enter contents by backoffice from internal staff which needs only a bit of familiarity with information technology to do it properly.



Number of working hours: 8/16



iCircleApp stampa

Press cost (real example)
Nr. 40 pages catalogue, A4 format closed, 4 colours, glossy coated paper gr. 170, plastic paperback,glossy paperback, format cm 21×29,7 closed, 4 colours, glossy coated paper gr 250 stapled. Number of working day 5/10 gg.

nr. 1000 pcs. €1300,00/1800,00 abt.
left out shipping cost

iCircleApp tempo risparmiato


Variations post-press:
typographical error, product images update, prices variation

  • Impossibility to rectify possible errors
  • Spread modified contents
  • Verification Feedback
  • Conception, press and distribution of data-processing consumables.

2aiCircleApp variazioni stampa

… a lot of risks, untill next reprint!

  • Errors correction on database
  • immediat and synchronous update
  • rapid widespread distribution, from headquarter to all Sale Force

iCircleApp rapidità

Without risks, without cost!


Catalogue distribution

Shipping and distribution options:

  • to the COMPANY: Courier
  • to SALE FORCE: Courier or Postal Service
  • to FINAL CUSTOMER: PostaTarget

iCircleApp distribuzione catalogo

Digital Page, Quick Sales
To SALE FORCE directly from:

  • dedicated web area

(fast update by a simple “push” on tablet)

To USER directly from:

  • web area dedicated
  • AppStore (iOS)
  • Play Store (Android)

To USER directly from:

  • AppStore (iOS)
  • Play Store (Android)


Promotions and tester

iCircleApp pieghevoli volantini promozioni
Pamphlet, brochure, flyer, etc.

smile triste

No direct feedback neither on promotion nor on products

iCircleApp promozione prodotti e catalogo

  • Easy creation ad hoc cathegories
  • Add products faster
  • Immediate pubblishing and spread of app

smile allegro

Detailed feedback and accurate web-surfing report through evaluation statistics


Consultation, search, speed, catalogue appeal

  1. Text index, visual index aside

iCircleApp fruizione e ricerca

  1. layered navigation with «bread crumbs»
  2. Customize search filters
  3. Favourite list
  4. fast search by text and codex
  5. fast search by barcode and QR code



Browse and… Interact

catalogo tradizionale interazione nulla

iCircleApp catalogo interattivo

  • Intuitive “touch” during web-surfing
  • By a simple “tap” you’ll have a fast transition to technical file , videos, external links, related products or to proceed to buy
  • Sending pages (by email) or details and personal notes has never been so immediate.


The sake of completeness

A paper catalogue can «inform» by:

  • Text (static)
  • Immages

catalogo cartaceo statico

A Digital catalogue can «inform» by:

  • Text
  • Immages with zoom
  • Videos
  • Interactive docs
  • Audio

iCircleApp catalogo interattivo audio video


Informative release

Catalogue’s (or photocopies) fisic delivery when is possible.

catalogo tradizionale materiale

Select interest contents and send them by email

 iCircleApp materiale sempre aggiornato



catalogo tradizionale interazione nulla

  • Detailed check of navigation contents.
  • Clear evaluations on products
  • Analysis and supervision of catalogue’ s correct use

iCircleApp statistic for use


Find clients

catalogo tradizionale interazione nulla

Data client with geolocation.

iCircleApp geolocalizzazione

Localize your clients on the map and, thanks to different icons, fast check their infos.


Fast notes

cartaceo no appunti


  • Interact with the selected page with a virtual pen.
  • Send mail “on site”, with your notes





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