Discover iCircleApp

iCircleApp is a  marketing contemporary instrument for management, distribution and consult company catalogue by tablet.

Present products and make information by interactive and multimedia catalogue.

More performance to Sales Force thanks to an instrument in step with the times. Furthermore the centralized management guarantees the catalogue and business docs distribution and supervision on agents’ tablet (DigitalPage).


Make orders and quotations directly from tablet.

Everything became easier and faster for the agent and the order or quotation is automatically sent to the company.


Publish the catalogue as a App directly downloadable from public.

With the xLook version your catalogue will turn into a virtual show room that you can downlaod from web and therefore available for a very extended public.
xLook can be used inside showroom in place of traditional catalogue. Thanks to a very intuitive interface the client makes an impressive experience full of appeal by web surfing.


Receive orders directly from users by the app provided to public (xLook) or by the e-commerce form.

Any potential customer can make orders from the dowlaoded app from all over the world. This exentd sale opportunity without making any change in your network agents.


Find your clients and check payments and orders conditions.

This attivation form allow every agents to visualize on a map customer position. Furthermore is possible to have info as client typology, debt burden, etc.


Get statistics on products, clients and catalogue consultation.

The opportunity to register datas related to App navigation can gives, for example, important statistics on products popularity rating.
The statistics will be shown to administrators in a special web area, with graphics and with the possibility to export in excel.
All that allows the company to check marketing strategy regarding both business and retail.


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