News 15-04-13: iCircleAPP official release version 2.0

Borgosesia 15/03/2013

iCircleAPP Release new version 2.0 for Apple IOS

Released new version iCircle 2.0 Apple IOS for iPad.

The new version has got many development compare to the previous one; we force ourself to create an ‘end user’ interface which use typical gestures in Apple tablets’ word.

We are focus on flexibility and innovation: it’ s always important highlight that Tablet are neither PC or laptop but new working instrument created to satisfy modern society requests. From this point of view, we revised interfaces and the whole App navigability.

Others important improvements are:

- Connection to CMS Asp.Net StoreFront 9 with MultiStore support

- Web surfing “Collection View” with variable size boxes to rappresent, in a elegant and efficient way, products and multimedia contents

- English version

- Multiples agent levels, supervisor agent mode

- “GeoAdvice” form: customers geolocation on map, with symbology that can be customized from the company

Borgosesia 15/03/2013

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