News 15-02-13: Mobile device applications

Borgosesia 02/04/2013

Mobile device applications – collaboration with indian software company.

2000net outsourcing part of the mobile device applications by signing a partnership with an indian company. This collaboration has born by the huge necessity to develope mobile device applications for our clients. The choice to collaborate with an indian company is because India, from years, is a market leader on information technology in fact launched to developing software.

As many other italian and foreign companies (Microsoft for example) who choose India as technologic partner on developing software, even 2000net achieves this market full of informatic “head”. We believe this choice gives an indisputable surplus value to the applications will be realized and to the improvement of the ones already existing.

Aware of professional grow, specially the technological one, must pass through important collaborations, we are motivated and full of good intentions to reach finishes more and more important. For the first time our company collaborates with a foreign one on a project so important and fundamental for our business, but we are absolutely sure that this professional experience will increase our “know-how” and at the same time, it will give us the chance to compare ourself to whom developing software “keep the national flag flying high”.

Borgosesia 02/04/2013

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