iCircleApp for Marketing

Catch your clients in your sale points with xLook.
 is a big appeal instrument perfect for marketing strategy, dedicated to your sale point and show room.

With xLook the visitors can consult, even
in complete autonomy, the items on the tablet (eventually installed on a totem) sending easily the images and items descriptions to their email address without asking any flier to the staff.
Thanks to a very intuitive interface the client makes an impressive experience full of appeal by web surfing.
The indipendent web surf will gives you very important informations about products satisfaction.
It could be even a big help for the staff in place of the traditional catalogue.
xLook is provided by App Store, Google Play Store or web private area.

catalogo digitale per i punti vendita


Handle waiting time, by encouraging customers to consult the items and to make a preliminary choice
Save money on printing catalogues: by “browsing” xLook is possible to send in real time by email, relatives datas/images.
UN-VALIDO-AIUTOYou’ll know what your customers like more, by how they surf the catalogue. This let you make important examinations on products.
COMPLETEZZAThanks to multimedia and interactive contents you’ ll show your products with much more appeal
Optimize your human resources inside shop.
Choosing xLook in place of the traditional catalogue suggest to customer a better attention to details and to his own needs.


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